Engaging K-12 Virtual Field Trips for Tablets, Netbooks, and Phones

The Teaching Company is proud to present a truly inventive new learning experience that gives your students all the benefits of a traditional field trip without ever having to get on a bus.

Using special 3-D Cameras and a unique content development process, we have created an interactive "dollhouse" model of a working 19th-century grist mill. This model allows "digital visitors" the ability to move around the building and grounds, explore Aldie Mill at your own pace, and learn by watching videos embedded inside.

Each Aldie Mill Virtual Field Trip can be used as an effective classroom experience. Giving students the ability to move through the Mill increases their engagement with the stories. The videos themselves are short, informative, lively and designed to teach fundamental topics to kids of all ages.

Through carefully crafted videos designed to accurately replicate a real-life field trip, the award-winning experts who work at Aldie Mill Historic Park guide you through the history and operation of this 200-year old water-powered grist mill teaching your students just as they would if you were physically present.